Will braces cause white spots on my teeth?

Short answer: NO!

Longer answer: Still no, but it depends on you keeping your teeth clean.

The braces aren’t easy to clean around and if you don’t do a good job getting the plaque & bacteria off your teeth, an area of demineralization forms AROUND the bracket. That’s a fancy word for a “pre-cavity”. Unfortunately, those areas can’t be scraped off, can’t be bleached off, and never get better on their own. So preventing the formation of those white areas is super important!

It’s so disappointing to finish braces with straight teeth that have these stains on them! This is what we want to avoid!

We give our patients lots of tools to help keep their teeth clean: toothbrushes, different types of flossing aids, and a Water Pik! We also talk with you at each appointment and show you where on your teeth you might be missing with your home hygiene.

This is our goal for all patients – straight, beautiful, healthy teeth!

It’s not easy to clean around braces, but it IS possible to do a great job! We’ll work together to make sure there are no white spots on your beautiful straight teeth at the end of treatment.