Do you treat adults?

Absolutely yes!

We see a ton of adults from aged 18 – 80+. In fact, they make up about 30% of our patient population!  There are great choices for adults these days – many prefer Invisalign for their treatment and others choose braces or retainers or nightguards. During your complimentary initial exam, we’ll talk about what is best for your goals and lifestyle.

I think the reason most people question whether adults are seen here is (1) we have a colorful office, (2) they just aren’t as visible as patients because most adults choose appointments that aren’t during the after school rush and (3) we value patient privacy and would never post your picture on our smile wall or social media without consent.

Dr. Laurent has lots of experience treating adults who have had braces or Invisalign before and those who haven’t. We can also work with people who have had periodontal disease or recession or crowns or implants – again, each case and treatment plan is specific to you. Give us a call today at (707) 938 – 5255 and let’s talk about what will work best for you!