How are Invisalign aligners made?

We send a 3D scan of your teeth to Align  (the company behind Invisalign).  Dr. Laurent then creates a plan for your tooth movement based on their software simulation. It’s a really cool process! Once she’s approved the treatment (timing, final result), the aligners are fabricated with Align’s special proprietary plastic and shipped to our office.

We receive all your aligners at one time – there’s no need to scan after each tray or each visit. If you do a good job wearing them as instructed, we’ll work through the aligners – changing them every 7 – 14 days and seeing us about every two months.

Our scanner even has a treatment outcome simulator that allows for a near instant view of what your teeth could look like. Since a scan takes less than ten minutes, in a short appointment you can see what the future could hold. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you’re wondering what changes we might be able to achieve, or what you might look like with straight teeth – give us a call at (707) 938 – 5255 for a complimentary scan and assessment today!