Your First Appointment

What To Expect At Your First Orthodontic Appointment

The first step in getting the beautiful, healthy, comfortable smile that you’ve dreamed of is a free consultation appointment with Dr. Laurent.  At this first appointment, we will spend time learning about you and your (or your child’s) medical and dental history, what you’d like to achieve with orthodontics, and what your preferences are. If your dentist sent us a referral or x-rays (neither of which is necessary), we’ll review their concerns as well.

At the beginning of the appointment, one of our dental assistants will take some photos of your face and teeth. Next, you’ll meet with Dr. Laurent to talk about your medical and dental health, teeth, bite, TMJ, goals, preferences, concerns, etc. After she’s done an exam of your teeth, jaws, and bite, you’ll review the photos you had taken.  We can then talk about what the options are for your teeth and the timing of various treatment options – both when to start and how long it is expected to take. This is a great time to ask any questions you have about orthodontics: things you’ve heard, what to expect, what you’re worried about, how to take care of them, what is expected, what color things are, etc. We schedule these consultation appointments at the end of the day or other quiet times so that there’s plenty of time for us to talk without feeling rushed. If possible, please bring anyone who wants to hear the information from Dr. Laurent – it can be hard to remember all that we’ve discussed when you get home and are trying to remember/review the information from the consultation appointment with a parent or spouse who wasn’t there. 

After reviewing the treatment options, our financial coordinator will then review the treatment cost, any insurance coverage you have (and if possible, please get that information to us before the appointment so we’re prepared to review it with you), and the payment plan options. 

Once your questions have been answered and we’ve agreed on a plan, we’ll discuss the next steps and timing – and then get started on your smile journey!

The next appointment will depend on what we decide to do: 

  • We may need more x-rays or a scan of your teeth
  • We may need to wait a few months for baby teeth to fall out or new teeth to grow in
  • We may be ready to put the braces on or give you the Invisalign trays
  • You may need to visit your dentist or another specialist like an oral surgeon 

After this first visit, Dr. Laurent sends a summary of the consultation and her recommendations to your general dentist along with any x-rays we may have taken. It’s important to have good communication with your general dentist – and it’s important to go to regular check ups and cleanings while in orthodontic treatment. Even though we see you regularly, we’re not checking for cavities or overall oral health (although we will talk to you if your teeth aren’t as clean as we expect!).

To get started working towards the smile you’ve always wanted, either call our office at (707) 938 – 5255 to schedule an appointment or fill out a consultation request on our website at and someone will get back to you the next day that we’re in the office. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!