Will my teeth move after the braces are removed?

Short answer: YES!

Longer answer: They want to, but you can prevent this by wearing your retainers.

Teeth are held into the bone with ligaments, which are made from collagen and have memory. So two things are working against us: teeth want to go back to where they came from and the ligaments change with time (just like your skin and hair). Our best & only prevention against tooth movement is regular wear of retainers to hold them in place. We have a few styles of retainers and can find the one that works best for you.

Some people’s teeth are very stable. You might have a friend or a cousin who says “I never wear my retainers and my teeth are fine!” And that may be true for them. But I have some patients who leave their retainers out for only a few hours and they notice that certain problems (small spaces, rotations) already start creeping back. And unfortunately, it’s always the thing you hate most that comes back first!

Retainers are an important part orthodontic treatment – “Night Time for Life Time!”

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