When will my child’s permanent teeth come in?

Generally speaking, you get your first adult molar at about age 6 behind the last of your baby teeth. Then, around age 7-8 you’ll lose the front 4 teeth top & bottom. Next, the remaining three baby teeth in all sections top/bottom/left/right will be lost starting around age 9 – 11.

Some people’s teeth fall out one at a time over the course of a few years.  Other people’s teeth seem to fall out all at the same time – we’ve had people lose more than one per day and some parents even worry that there won’t be enough teeth left to eat! Both ways of losing & growing teeth can be perfectly normal, but we do want to monitor the loss and eruption of new teeth to make sure everything is on track. If a tooth is delayed in growing in, it could signal a serious problem – and we don’t want to wait on identifying or treating those.  Dr. Laurent likes to see all her patients every 6 months to make sure that’s the case.

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