How many hours a day do I wear my retainers?

There is no answer to this question that will 100% work for everyone.

Generally speaking, tooth stability depends on:

  • Genetics – Some people’s teeth are more stable than other people’s
  • How far we moved your teeth
  • What we corrected – Certain problems (spaces, for example) tend to relapse more quickly
  • Your age at the time of correction
  • Your final bite
  • And other things we don’t even understand!

After phase I treatment, patients typically wear retainers just at night time.

After full braces, patients typically wear retainers full time (taking them out for eating, brushing, sports, presentations, etc.) for 6 months and then night time only indefinitely.

After Invisalign, patients typically wear retainers just at night time, but for some people that’s not enough! Some patients need to wear them basically full time for a few months to help set the new tooth position.

Please make sure we’ve discussed your retention needs, because if you’re not wearing them enough or they’re not fitting properly – our next discussion is about putting braces back on or starting Invisalign over again! And NO ONE likes to have that conversation!

If you have questions about your retainers or retention plan, please give us a call at (707) 938 – 5255.