How long do my braces have to be on?

This is definitely the number one question we get from patients in braces and one of the very hardest to answer!

There are many things that determine how long your braces will be on: how crooked your teeth are, how much bite correction we need, how many emergency/repair appointments we had during treatment, and how well you’ve worn your rubber bands. Special circumstances, like if we’re coordinating with your dentist to build up small or broken teeth or place an implant, can extend time as you work with both offices. ON AVERAGE, a full set of braces is about a year and a half – but you might not be average!

I PROMISE YOU that I will work as hard and quickly (& safely!) as I can to get your braces off as quickly as possible. But you have to do your part too: keeping your teeth clean, being careful with what you eat, coming to your appointments as scheduled, and wearing your rubber bands. We’ll be honest with you about how things are going and work together to get the best, most efficient result.

Give us a call today at (707) 938-5255 and we can talk with you about your specific needs and treatment time estimate.