How does Invisalign move teeth?

Invisalign uses a series of plastic trays – called aligners – that are progressively a little bit straighter and a little bit straighter to move your teeth. Invisalign has now treated 5,000,000 patients and they’ve taken the research of what works and what doesn’t to predict how much movement they can get in each aligner. For example, 3 degrees of rotation or 0.5mm of forward movement.

The two most important parts of Invisalign successfully moving your teeth are that (1) you must have a good plan! Invisalign is basically just a software company – no dentist or orthodontist is responsible for manipulating the software. Having a good plan with a good end result is dependent on the person who approves the plan – so make sure you go to an experienced Invisalign provider. (2) you must wear them! Part of the reason braces work so well is that they are on your teeth 24/7. Since you take your Invisalign out to brush & eat, we’ll never get 24 hours – but we ask for 22 hours EACH DAY! The better you keep consistent pressure on your teeth, the more predictable the result will be.

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