How do I choose which orthodontist to go to?

This is an important question! Please make sure that you are comfortable with the doctor that you choose to take care of your orthodontic treatment. While no one doctor will be a fit for all patients, there are some things to consider:

Their training – do you know where they went to school and if they are up to date on current research in the field of orthodontics? Are they are orthodontic specialist or a general dentist who does orthodontics?
Dr. Laurent attended Harvard for her dental degree and three additional years at UCSF for her orthodontic training and Master’s degree. She makes it a point to attend as many meetings regionally and nationally to stay up to date on current advances in orthodontics.

Location- This may seem unimportant, but during braces treatment, you’re seen about once a month and can expect an “emergency” appointment or two. If your orthodontist is out of town, that can be troublesome with everyone’s busy schedules.
We are conveniently located near the Plaza in Sonoma. We have a rotating schedule of days that we work in an attempt to accommodate busy schedules.  Please see our calendar for specifics.

The interaction with the doctor and staff – orthodontic treatment is a big commitment! You will have a relationship with the doctor and office for likely several years (getting started, treatment, retainers). It’s important to have a team that can answer your questions and make you feel comfortable with the plan they’re presenting to you.

The first step is having a consultation to meet the doctor, team and see the office. Please give us a call at (707) 939 – 5255 to set one up today!