How come my teeth are moving even though I’m wearing my retainer?

There could be a few reasons for teeth to move, even if you’re doing a good job wearing your retainer.

  • Are you wearing it ENOUGH? After braces, we ask for full time wear for a few months and with Invisalign, it’s at LEAST every night. Many people say, “well, I’m wearing it SOME” but that might not be enough time & pressure to keep the teeth in line.
  • Is it fitting properly? If the retainer has gotten loose or bent or stretched out. If you didn’t wear it for a period of time (even a few days!) and now it doesn’t go in all the way – those are definitely reasons that your teeth could be moving.
  • Some movements are more stubborn! Some tooth rotations and certain spaces tend to open up more easily than others. We design your retainer with your specific teeth & movements in mind, but sometimes, those movements just want to relapse!
  • It may not be the best style of retainer. We have several to choose from and a variety of reasons that we would pick one over another. However, if a tooth is persistently moving, we may need to change the style that we had initially chosen.

If your teeth are moving, please give us a call at (707) 938 – 5255 so we can take a look! We’ll see how the retainers fit and discuss a plan for getting the teeth to hold still!