Do you charge for exams & records?

We never charge for the initial exam appointment where we first meet with you to discuss the problems Dr. Laurent sees & the potential solutions and treatment options.

If we decide that we need more information to make a full diagnosis, then we do charge a small fee for the X-rays, molds, & work up. Many times these records can be covered with some of your general dental insurance benefits (separate from your orthodontic insurance coverage).

We can do all standard X-rays, pictures, and molds here in our office – no need to travel out of town. Some special X-rays may need to be done at an X-ray lab, but we would discuss that, as needed. We make sure to clearly discuss treatment fees & financing options with you before you are committed to any treatment or charges in our office.

The first step towards your new smile is the free initial consultation – so give us a call at (707) 938-5255 to set one up today!