Do you accept insurance?

The world of dental insurance can be really complicated! The short answer is: we accept all insurances. The only company that we are “contracted” with is Delta Dental. So if your insurance is through another company and it requires that you go “in-network”, it may not pay your benefits to us and you would need to contact them directly for a list of providers. The good news is, most PPO plans have the same benefits in- & out- of network.

One aspect of orthodontic insurance that is different than general dental insurance is that the benefit is normally a lifetime maximum of around $1,000 (this varies depending on your plan). So the amount of money that they’ll pay towards your orthodontic treatment is a one-time-deal. If you have phase I treatment as a 9 year old, there may be little or none left for phase II treatment as a teenager. It also doesn’t renew each year like general dental insurance benefits do. And they never cover lost or broken retainers.

We haven’t found any insurance plan that is worthwhile to get specifically for orthodontic coverage. Most plans, by the time you consider the waiting period and increase in premium, don’t have much benefit for the patients and you would have been better off taking advantage of our interest free in-house financing.

When you come for your first appointment, please ask to speak with Gina with any questions about your insurance plans – she’ll be happy to talk with you about your specific situation. Give us a call today!