Do DIY orthodontic aligners work?

Q: I’ve seen commercials for DIY orthodontic aligners – does this work?

Short A: It might – but is it worth it?

Have you seen this video?  “Normal People Vs. The Professionals” – I think it sums up the situation pretty well!

To be perfectly honest, the simplest cases of tooth movement in a healthy patient with a healthy mouth likely can be treated with DIY orthodontics. HOWEVER, there are so many complications that people don’t know to look for and a computer or DIY system can’t screen for that.  It is really a great risk to do this yourself. The companies state that all cases are programmed and overseen by a licensed dentist or orthodontist – but you don’t know this person, what their credentials and experience are, and have no way to contact them to have a conversation about your case or goals.

We strongly recommend against DIY orthodontics and encourage people to come in for a consultation with a trained orthodontist – like Dr. Laurent! It took 11 years of school to be able to call herself an orthodontist – and she goes to continuing classes all the time since information is always changing.

Many people are surprised that orthodontic treatment with a qualified orthodontist is shorter, easier, or more affordable than they were anticipating. The first step in finding out what will work for you is calling our office at (707) 938 – 5255 for a complimentary consultation today!