Can I get clear braces?

Sure! We use a “clear” brace that is made of white ceramic with a brushed metal door that slides open and closed to hold the wire in place. Because of that door, we don’t have to use the little rubber bands on the braces that often get discolored. If you’ve seen people with clear braces that have little yellow circles around them, that’s what that was – & we don’t have them!

This picture shows the ceramic braces on top and the metal braces on the bottom. The colored dots are just used for placement of the braces and brush off right away.

Clear braces work the same as regular braces and in the same amount of time. The “Pros” of clear braces are that they are less obvious on your teeth – although we still use a metal colored wire to connect them. The “Cons” are that they are slightly larger than metal braces, are more difficult to remove, and have a small additional cost associated with them.

If you’re interested in clear braces, give us a call today at (707) 938 – 5255 and we’d be happy to review their characteristics with you!