What is the difference?

I’ve heard Invisalign is expensive. What is the difference in cost between Invisalign & metal braces?
Posted on 03/25/2015

In our office – nothing. Dr. Laurent believes that you are paying to get a beautiful result, not for the way that we get there. So Invisalign treatment and metal braces cost the same.


Sometimes she thinks that braces & Invisalign will get the same result, so you pay the same cost for treatment. If she thinks that one or the other is a better option, then we will discuss the reasons & only one will be offered to you. There is a small additional fee if you choose to have the “clear” ceramic braces instead of the traditional metal.

There are many differences between Invisalign & metal braces – and pros & cons for both. We want you to make the decision that is best for your lifestyle & teeth, not your bank account! Call us today at 938-5255 for your free consultation to discuss what treatment options are best for you!