Faster faster!

Faster faster!
Posted on 10/06/2015

One of the very first questions we always get asked about treatment is, "How long will it take" & then very shortly thereafter, "When am I done/am I done yet?"

acceledent Aura

We understand that orthodontic treatment probably will never be described as "fun" - but we hope you see the benefit of it! That being said, we do want to move your teeth as quickly & safely as possible. And there's a new-to-the-field technology helping us do that.

AcceleDent allows us to speed your treatment by up to 50% with an investment of 20 minutes each day. We're really excited by the results we're seeing and hope that you'll consider speeding up your treatment with us with this little device.

The AcceleDent website has lots of good information - or give us a call at (707) 938 - 5255! We'd love to talk with you about it!